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Turin-based deeptech startup i-TES, secures €1,4 million to support renewal energy sources with thermal storage

i-TES, an Italian deep-tech startup that develops innovative thermal storage solutions, announces the closing of a new €1.4 million funding round. The joint investment effort is led by EUREKA! Venture SGR through “Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer”, together with CDP Venture Capital SGR through Tech4Planet, the National Hub for Technology Transfer focusing on Sustainability,…

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Helsinki-based Vensum raises €3.8 million in Seed funding to redefine power conversion technology

The growth in world electricity demand is expected to triple by the year 2050, according to Mckinsey’s Global Energy Perspective 2022 report. At the same time, a meaningful amount of energy is wasted to heat due to power losses of conversion. Finnish energy tech startup Vensum has developed a solution that can save over 50%…

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Stockholm-based Encare raises €1.5 million to advance surgical care with cloud SaaS solution

The Swedish healthtech company Encare has secured funding of €1.5 million to support the company’s continued expansion, product development, and entrance into new international markets. Encare’s SaaS solution supports healthcare providers in implementing best practices for surgical care to improve patient outcomes. Existing shareholders, together with some new, through the Sciety network, took part in…

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The post Stockholm-based Encare raises €1.5 million to advance surgical care with cloud SaaS solution appeared first on EU-Startups.

Introducing the Blue Bio Value Acceleration Programme 2023: Accelerating Innovation in Blue Biotechnology

It’s Back! The pioneering programme Blue Bio Value returns this 2023 to support ocean-bio-based sustainable solutions to address the current climate, environmental and social challenges. Applications are now open until June 5th!

This programme aims to fast-track startups operating within the value chain of marine bioresources, specifically in the blue biotechnology sector, that offer sustainable services or products contributing to a healthier use of ocean resources. By doing so, it serves as a sustainable alternative to tackle primary challenges that the world faces.

What to Expect

A 10-week equity-free acceleration programme that represents a unique opportunity for growth.
Mentorship: You will be exposed to experts from different sectors and backgrounds, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and investors ready to advise founders on their business strategy.
Final 3 weeks in Portugal: Home to one of the largest maritime territories, the final weeks will be in-person while ..

Taking the pulse on the Northeast seed market with Techstars’ Kerty Levy

Techstars’ Kerty Levy knows a thing or two about where seed funding is, and where it might be going, in the Northeast.

During a presentation at TechCrunch’s Early Stage in Boston last month, Levy took a brief look at deal counts and valuations before exploring in more depth what the obstacles to funding are right now, and what founders are going to have to expand on in order to cut a deal.

From 2021 to 2022, overall deal count in the Northeast was down around 25%. It might not be surprising, but it is quite stark. If you take a look at seed funding specifically, things are even more contracted.

“Even if you extrapolate out past this quarter, even if we have a great second half of the year, I’m afraid that the deal count is looking bad,” she said.

In the first quarter of 2023, most of the investments in New England were in the productivity, business productivity, software, health care, climate, energy and fintech sectors.

But in Levy’s opinion, founders seeking investment are expec..

QED Investors says pace of investing from new funds will be ‘extremely disciplined’

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Hi, hi. It was an unusually active week in the world of fintech fundraising, as evidenced by the sheer number of startup raises we covered (more on that below). Last week, QED Investors also announced that it had raised $925 million across two new funds to back fintech startups globally — a $650 million early-stage fund and a $275 million growth-stage fund. The venture firm has been aroun..

Startups should absolutely work with governments to support defense projects

Maëlle Gavet

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Maëlle Gavet is the CEO of Techstars and was previously a senior executive at numerous large tech companies around the world.

In these times of heightened tensions and global volatility, I believe startups can play a critical role in our defense, space and national security ecosystem by bringing the very latest innovation to public institutions, some of whom lag startlingly far behind.

Startups and active investors in the sector are uniquely positioned to support the defense efforts of the West and the mission to keep our societies safe. Let’s not mince our words: Right now, we are already locked in hybrid warfare with Russia, a nuclear-armed superpower, while tensions with another, China, simmer just below the surface. Despotic regimes threaten our values and way of life, and few would predict that is set to change anytime soon.

Yet despite all this, much of the technology and venture capital industry has shown little inclinati..

Solving problems is better than fearmongering

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From cybersecurity to SaaS for restaurants, the key to running a successful business is selling a product that solves your clients’ real problems. — Anna

2022 in cybersecurity
Cybercriminals had a pretty busy 2022, recent findings show. According to the annual report from Israeli cybersecurity company Perception Point, there was 356% growth globally in advanced phishing attacks attempted by malicious actors.

What’s scary to me is how often these attacks take advantage of the weakest link: us humans. For instance, the report shows an 83% year-on-year growth in attempts at business email compromise (BEC).

“In these attacks,” the report explains, “cybercriminals use fake emails to impersonate legitimate businesses and request large sums of money or confidential data from employees or bus..

AI scares the bejesus out of me

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Something really scary is happening. It’s an internet-powered horror story unfolding in front of us in three interwoven acts: (1) AI technology is improving fast enough that I recently had a bit of an existential crisis, wondering if I, too, was an AI. (2) People have no idea what’s real and what isn’t on the internet. (3) With the 2024 presidential election coming up, we have a recipe for disaster.

We may be so comprehensively copulated at this moment in time that digging our way out might prove impossible. Brew a cup of coffee and take a breath; I’m exploring the full depth of my fears in “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a bot.”

Fintech keeps printing dollars, pounds, dinar and rupees
Earlier this year Mary Ann reported that even well-funded fintech companies were going through rounds of layoffs, but it appears that optimism has returned to the sector. This week, it transpired that celeb..

Deal Dive: Why this startup chose to sell itself over raising a Series A

Not all startups are built for a billion-dollar exit — or to grow as a stand-alone company at all.

The appearance of easy-flowing subsequent funding likely led to the intense funding swell of the few years leading up to 2022. This is not to say all these companies are bad by any means! Many of them have customers, which proves that they’re building something people want; some businesses likely even have meaningful revenue.

On the other hand, some of them will realize that without an abundance of venture funding, their business model won’t be successful on its own, and they will have to come up with a new plan. Heroes Jobs was one of them.

The San Francisco-based startup launched in 2018 to create a LinkedIn for Gen Z: a more informal way for companies and potential employees to connect using video and making a platform that resembled TikTok. The company just announced that it had been acquired for an undisclosed amount by JobGet, an hourly job marketplace startup that has raised mor..